180 Photo Array

180 Array copy.png

The 180 Array is  a streamlined, portable 6 Camera Array to make unforgettable interactive images for any event. Our system takes 6 simultaneous images and processes them into a single rotating GIFF/MP4 file, branded instantly in real-time.  Guests can share them at our Social Media Station within seconds of taking their photo's. Share instantly via Email, Text Message, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your files are automatically branded with your company Artwork/Hashtag/Logo. The Multi Array Booth is the "Brand Activation Machine"


Guests will love seeing themselves from all angles. Freeze-time is best known from its use in the movie "The Matrix" and is now available for on-site events.


Packages Start with a 6 Camera Multi Array and larger Array's can be added for up too a full 360 using 24 Camera's  


How It Works: 


-Your guest will take their pic in your  custom scene with the Multi Camera  Array

-Images are instantly available at the Social Sharing Station where guests can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email or Text Message the Animated Gifs and MP4's

*In less than a minute the entire process is done and your branded images are on their way to going viral!