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I'm Eric Maury, the founder and visionary behind E. Maury Productions. What began as a one-man venture has flourished into a dynamic, top-tier event production company, delivering nothing short of excellence in every endeavor. E. Maury Productions was born from a blend of unwavering dedication and boundless motivation. Over time, this fusion transformed us from a one-person operation into a dynamic team that leads the field in event productions. Nestled in the heart of New York, we specialize in elevating events through experiential design, brand activations, entertainment, and top-tier audio-visual services. Our canvas is as diverse as the city itself, ranging from intimate gatherings to grand corporate galas. Our ability to promptly respond to the needs of every client, without exception, is the bedrock of our triumph. We've woven a success story by not just meeting but exceeding the immediate requests of each and every client. Every event is a reflection of its host's unique vision. At E. Maury Productions, we don't just acknowledge this; we celebrate it. Our forte lies in customizing each event to encapsulate the essence of the occasion, ensuring it stands out in memory. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach. E. Maury Productions is not just an event production company; it's a powerhouse of all things event-related. From ideation to execution, we offer an array of services, providing everything you need under a single, creative roof. No event is too grand or too small for us. Our team brings expertise and creativity to events of every scale. We engage personally with each client, shaping every phase of the event from conception to curtain fall. At E. Maury Productions, our goal is crystal clear – to craft the very best event experience for you. We are committed to delivering a seamless event, on schedule, and aligned with your budget. When you choose us, you're choosing more than just an event production company. You're embracing an ethos of pride, passion, and meticulous attention to detail.


Join us in transforming events into extraordinary memories, one impeccably crafted production at a time.


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